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Batwoman is back, and she’s black! Shortly after the first season of Batwoman ended, news came out saying that Ruby Rose who played Kate Kane was leaving the show. The show already had a difficult year, trying to gain enough views in its freshman season to being cut short due to COVID-19 and now hasContinue reading “Batwoman”


So long Star Wars and good bye Mando. The television event of the year is finally here! Announced back in 2018, with several other Marvel programs for Disney+, the show everyone has been waiting for has arrived! Join two of the most powerful characters in the MCU as they travel through different sitcoms in whatContinue reading “WandaVision”

Wonder Woman 1984

Where do I begin? Like many people, I was excited for the sequel ever since I left the theatre in 2017 after watching the first movie. Wonder Woman is an iconic hero, and it was wonderful not only to watch a superhero film with a female lead, but also one who is a woman ofContinue reading “Wonder Woman 1984”

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